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There is some evidence that BP and the federal government are trying to downplay, and even hide, the true extent of oil spill-related illnesses. While Louisiana has reported 162 people sickened in that state, BP has only reported five cases in the entire Gulf Coast.
The human rights group, the RFK Center, has also reported that BP is discouraging workers from using respirators. Fisherman involved in the cleanup reportedly told Center officials that BP representatives said the equipment was “unnecessary and would only spread hysteria.”
In July, a journalist from the PBS Newshour reported that BP and federal officials would not allow the media access to a “federal mobile medical unit” in Venice, Louisiana:
“The glorified double-wide trailer sits on a spit of newly graveled land known to some as the “BP compound.” Ringed with barbed wire-topped chain link fencing, it’s tightly restricted by police and private security guards.”
According to the report, the PBS Newshour team tried for more than two weeks to arrange a visit to the unit to get a sense of how many people were being treated. In every case, they were either denied access or ignored.
In June, one fisherman working on the oil spill cleanup filed suit against BP after he was hospitalized for respiratory problems, headaches and nausea. The plaintiff sought to compel BP to give workers masks and not harass those who publicly voiced their health concerns. The complaint also requested that BP refrain from “altering, testing or destroying clothing or any other evidence or potential evidence” when workers become ill. In his affidavit, the plaintiff claimed BP confiscated his clothing after he became ill, and he was told it would not be returned.
According to CNN, the president of the Louisiana Shrimpers Association has also accused BP of threatening to fire fisherman – most of whom are unemployed because of the spill – from cleanup work if they complain about health problems. In some cases, workers have been threatened with firing if they wear masks, he said.
CNN also reported that fisherman it contacted did not want to speak publicly, with some expressing fears that they could lose their jobs with BP.