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Sports and Local-Global Connections

Writing about international connections does not mean getting a passport and spending loads of money visiting another country. A lot can be done right at home. (And this has to be good news to cash-strapped local news’ desks.) A recent post at Journalism, Journalists and the World discusses how a soccer match between the US national men’s team and the Peruvian national team could have been a good excuse to look at the Peruvian community in the Washington, DC area. Using Sports To Make A Global Connection  

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Your thoughts on Twitter’s next 10 years

Twitter will turn 10 next March. I’d like to hear from you about its future for journalists. (Image: Flickr user Anthony Quintano under CC) This post was updated on September 8, 2015 to reflect a modified research line of inquiry. Next March, Twitter will celebrate its tenth birthday – a significant occasion for the social network known for its influence on the modern culture of journalism. To mark that occasion, I am researching a piece for an upcoming issue of the Society’s magazine, Quill, marking the forthcoming event, and its influence.

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All Student Journalists Need the First Amendment

Flickr/Ed Uthman ( Few actions are more offensive than educational institutions stomping on the First Amendment rights of students. Those breaches include the all-too-frequent contamination of student media by administrators and marketing officials. Butler University, a private school in Indianapolis, recently removed and replaced the faculty adviser of its student newspaper with one of the institution’s spokesmen, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ). While the reason for her removal wasn’t explained, Loni McKown told the news organization she believes it’s due to accidentally forwarding a confidential email to the paper’s student editor.

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Journalism and Human Rights Groups Call on Obama to Pressure China

Chinese president Xi Jinping will be in Washington later this month. A group of human rights groups, including free press organizations, sent President Barack Obama a letter asking him to raise the issue of China’s violations of basic human rights, including freedom of the press. One of the primary targets of the Chinese government’s hostility is also one of the country’s greatest human rights success stories in recent years: an independent and increasingly vocal civil society. In the face of risks ranging from arbitrary detention, torture, harassment of family members, and being disappeared, members of these groups have pushed for urgently needed transparency at national and local levels.

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Justice Breyer: US Laws Are Linked To The Rest Of The World

Just as the U.S. economy is connected to the rest of the world, so too are our laws and courts. Many thanks to Nina Totenberg at NPR for her interview with  Supreme Court Stephen Breyer on the connections between the rest of the world and the United States. (Law Beyond Our Borders: Justice Breyer Is On A Mission) “I began to understand the important divisions in the world are not on the basis of race or nationality or country or where you live,” Breyer said.

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